Amber has been super helpful in keeping our book organized! She has saved me so much time! Totally recommend her!

Adriana Rueda

Amber Call has been managing our books for the past 2 years I just have to let people know what a relief it has been to know that she is keeping an eye on our finances. She has been a lifesaver! Suggestions for our record-keeping process actually saved us several hundred dollars at tax time. Her devotion to making sure the numbers balance can only be compared to her devotion to her family. Remote bookkeeping meets both our needs and I love being able to pull reports any time or place, all I need is my smartphone and the appropriate app and I can check on the health of my business and know that everything is current – no pile of receipts to be entered into the software. As a small business owner, I wear lots of different hats, thankfully I no longer have to wear the one called Bookkeeper!

Lucinda Rudolph

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