Amber is the best bookkeeper that I’ve ever had. She is very organized and thorough, and always on top of things. Totally recommend her!

Adriana Rueda

she is really good at this job and would love to help you and your business with keeping your books, please give her a call.

Leah R.

Having known Amber for many years, I can say she is hard working, diligent, and highly efficient. Devoted to her work and getting the job done, she won’t let you down. She has always put others first and is a trustworthy individual and when she sets her mind on a project or goal, rest assured she will accomplish it and maintain consistent results.

Megan O.

I knew Amber from a trainer role when we both worked as service representatives for our church. Amber is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, creative, and a compassionate person with exceptional people skills. While Amber had never been to Korea and had limited working proficiency of the language, I was extremely impressed by how well she comfortably initiated and communicated with the locals without any apprehension. She has an innate ability to understand culture and form close bonds with people from diverse backgrounds, and she was well-loved and received by the people she served. We have continued our relationship as personal friends over the years, and any organization would be fortunate to have her on their team.

M. Moon

I have been working with Amber for a few months. Amber is friendly, efficient, organized, and knowledgeable. She started with only doing my payroll, but it didn’t take long for me to see what an asset she is. Amber now does all of my bookkeeping and I am so relieved that she does. I look forward to working with Amber for as long as I am able. I would recommend One Call Bookkeeping to anyone who has business. She will keep the confusion down and the bookkeeping up to date. 

Tony B. Whatever it takes Painting

Prompt, quick learner, and trustworthy! My company has been working with One Call Bookkeeping for several months now and have no regrets. She has consistently gone above and beyond. I cannot recommend her enough.

Morgan R.

Amber is incredibly reliable and is always exceeding expectations! Her contribution to our team has got our books back in order and set us up to stay that way long term. Our books are no longer messy! It’s all thanks to Amber!

L. C. Herbert

Amber works hard to serve her clients, and when she is presented with something “off” in the books, she won’t rest till she solves the problem. I’m proud to work with her!

K. Reeder

Timely and helpful, goes the extra mile

Older but wiser

Amber is honest and trustworthy. She can take care of your books so you can focus and grow your business.

Liz K.

No debt a near-perfect credit score and a balanced budget every month is the way to go especially when you are getting into your elderly years like myself.

J. Scott

“Had a bad computer crash and needed help re-entering data. Amber was able to help me download data from my bank which I did not know how to do saving me tons of time. She got right on the job that night and within two days got it done. Amber also showed got me up and running with the Square app in no time at all. Much appreciated.”

David R.

Amber Call has been managing our books for the past 2 years I just have to let people know what a relief it has been to know that she is keeping an eye on our finances. She has been a lifesaver! Suggestions for our record-keeping process actually saved us several hundred dollars at tax time. Her devotion to making sure the numbers balance can only be compared to her devotion to her family. Remote bookkeeping meets both our needs and I love being able to pull reports any time or place, all I need is my smartphone and the appropriate app and I can check on the health of my business and know that everything is current – no pile of receipts to be entered into the software. As a small business owner, I wear lots of different hats, thankfully I no longer have to wear the one called Bookkeeper!

Lucinda Rudolph

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